Monday, April 10, 2017

The Absurdity of Our Society

The last six months of American politics have pitched friends against friends and families into feuds. One thing is certain, the anger in this country is palpable. Let's explore why Americans find themselves at this fork in the road and what can be done about it.

President Trump has polarized this country like never before in modern American history. He embodies some of the worst characteristics of a human and at the same time he is our Commander in Chief.

Liberals still convinced the election was stolen via a Trump-Russian conspiracies can not acknowledge anything President Trump does is a positive for America. If he doesn't bomb Syria it's because he is a Russian puppet. If he does bomb Syria it is only a 'stunt' to detract from all his other impeachable offenses. Basically, Trump could save the world and he would still be vilified by nearly half of America.

Many of my own friends on Facebook continue comparisons of Trump to Hitler on a daily basis. As a Jew this enrages me beyond measure. Hitler has no comparison. If anyone should have that unfair comparison labeled against them it is Bashar Al-Assad.

Apparently Trump's campaign was so Hitleresk that no matter what he does in his Presidency they, the liberals, will consider him a failure, employing a false flag attack, stunt, or diversion.

I do not like President Trump for many reasons. He is a mysogynist, a blowhard, asshole, partial racist, etc. But, he IS our President.

Hoping everything he does is a failure is what ISIS thinks. Trump will not be impeached by a completely controlled Republican Congress so STOP SAYING IT! It only makes you look completely partisan and like an asshole. How about trying something completely novel...helping America.

For all those Trump haters, what have you done to say you are supporting the country? Hating on the President doesn't count.

I would have hated Hillary as President, but if she made good decisions I would not try and justify those decisions as a conspiracy to devoid the President of positive action in support of America. I WOULD support her.

If your hang up is only Donald Trump, move to Russia for the next four years. If Trump is reelected, let's see if you would still want to move back to America. My guess is yes.


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