Saturday, December 17, 2016

Russian Hackers Confirm John Podesta is an Idiot - Fool of the Year 2016

December 17, 2016 - Not in Washington

Yesterday, President Obama informed the D.C. press corps he intends to take bold action in retaliation for Russian hacking of the DNC during this past election season.

Our top federal law enforcement agencies confirm the Ruskies are responsible of exposing that John Podesta is an idiot. Officials also confirmed Podesta's email was hacked using a 3rd grader phishing scheme.

For those that don't know what phishing is, it is about the equivalency of the letter you got in the 80's telling you your long-lost African half-brother, also a Nigerian prince, has $20 million trapped in Eastern Europe.

He needs $5,000 from you to import his millions, in return he'll give you $200,000. Sometimes you can milk as much as $5 million off this deal.

Who could refuse such a fool-proof get-rich-quick scheme?

OK. For reals. Someone in a phishing scam sends you an email from a tricky email address that looks like it is an official email. Let's use Gmail in this example, as Podesta did.


Holy smokes! Password, reset, and Gmail in the same email address! This must be from Google! 

Actually no John, it's from the email server. 'Gmail' here is a subdomain meant to fool you, which apparently worked.

The 'name' of the email may look more official such as 'Gmail Account Services'

The subject of the email will scare you, such as 'Password Breach - Reset Password Immediately!'

The true art of the scam is in the body of the email. Do the forged logos match Gmails' so well you believe it to be authentic? Is the email content free of typos and grammatical errors as you would expect from a world-class corporation?

If all the details, such as even legal notices in fine print at the bottom of the email, the formatting coming off clean, and, well...even a Georgetown J.D. can be fooled into thinking it is real.

Now Podesta is trying to pin the error on a tech that made a 'typo.' There are just a couple problems with this I can see. 

1. Was Podesta too stupid to even believe the email was official to ask a tech? He should with his great knowledge, deleted that sucker immediately. 

2. A tech allegedly wrote to Podesta the site was 'legitimate' when the tech meant to say 'illegitimate.' This is more B.S. in my opinion to make Podesta look a little less stupid.

Why? Because no one writes 'illegitimate' about a phishing scam that knows anything about tech. They say this is a 'scam email,' it's a 'phishing scam, 'delete immediately!'

3. The aides are saying they were in complete control of Podesta's email, using his password, and accessing the links in the phishing related reset emails. That's nice for the aides to take the fall.

The aides were then apparently completely incompetent. Did they hire Georgetown grads to use Podesta's email account? 

The aides also claimed they had received hundreds of spam emails like this. So how did this one slip through when they were looking for these emails like bankers look for dyed $100 bills?

Then the last issue. What do they say in your first day of college? Do not give your school email address password to ANYONE! What do they say your first day of law school? Do not give your school email password to ANYONE! Not even your dog!

Podesta is a fool for breaking this sacred email rule. If he can't answer his own email, people shouldn't be emailing him; they should be emailing his aides instead. This is gross incompetency at the very least, and lies most likely as well.

For this lovely faux paux costing Hillary the election...drum roll...John Podesta is our official, 1st Annual B's Blog:

'Fool of the Year - 2016!'

Congratulations on this high award John!



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