Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Completely Destroyed the Democratic Party

The Presidency, the Senate, the House, and soon the Supreme Court. The arrogance and incompetency of Hillary Clinton's failed campaign has caught the Democrats by such a surprise they are acting like shell-shocked soldiers right out of battle. And, the Democrats continue to make wonderful choices such as putting Pelosi back in power.

Hillary pandered to every identity group except the group that cost her the election...white working class men. She offered men less jobs, continued unaffordable Obamacare, and no prospect for a future to believe in. She didn't even have the modesty to campaign once in Wisconsin during the general election.

Hillary Clinton is fighting yet another losing battle despite losing the war. The electoral college has never changed the outcome of a Presidential election based on faithless electors. Hillary needs 37 electors to jump off the Trump Train which is not going to happen.

That hasn't stopped Hillary from causing more pain for a party she has single handily destroyed, with the help of her life long cronies, Podesta, Abedin, Wassermen-Schultz, among others. Now the news of Russian influence has spurred the Clinton camp to try yet again to change the results of the election by delegitimizing the election process and results.

There is little doubt that Russians most likely hacked Podesta's Gmail account. Podesta could have avoided this if he wasn't so stupid as to fall for a Gmail password phishing scam, some lawyer indeed.

Back in 1960 John Kennedy had the full support of several graveyards in Illinois sealing his election win. And, Nixon knew about it. This was true fraud. What did Tricky Dick do? Instead of drawing out the process and dragging America back into the dirt, he let the cheating go because it was in the best interest of the country.

Hillary Clinton may be the most self-centered politician in our lifetime. She cared nothing about anything except herself. And, everything she did on the trail is indicative of this.

She aligned super delegates against Bernie, coordinated with the DNC against Bernie.  She received primary debate questions in clandestine form from the DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

And, she took money from ever interest group willing to hand outo cash. Bernie had no Super PAC.

The DNC shoved Hillary down the throats of voters making them believe only Hillary could win and not a person of the people.

She ran a campaign that disparaged the very people so enthusiastic about Senator Sanders. She ran a amorphous campaign based on her name recognition alone.

Does anyone know where she stands on DAPL? The minimum wage? TPP? Immigration? Marijuana and criminal justice reform? NO.

She tried to have everything by not alienating any one interest group. The result...she alienated everyone she needed to win the election.

Yes, she won the popular vote. She also had the worst electoral vote showing since Michael Dukakis. Yes, in 28 years no Democrat, not Gore or even Kerry performed so miserably.

To those that whine about the electoral college being outdated you have no credibility yelling for electors to faithlessly elect Clinton.

For those harping on the popular vote win, Hillary supported this position also when Gore lost to Bush. What did she do about it as Senator Clinton? Nothing.

Trump is not the issue. America would have voted for nearly anyone but Hitler and Hillary.

Democrats chose to lose this election and now they must deal of with the consequences of their complete incompetence.

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