Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump v. Clinton: What to fear most about both candidates

I believe nearly all of Americans have great fears about the future of this country depending if 'your' candidate for President in this 2016 election wins or loses. And America's agreements about politics probably ends there.

I have great fears about both candidates as well. These are rational fears based on what Hillary and Donald have said, believe, or done. So examine both candidates' dark side with me.

Let's start with The Donald.

Donald J. Trump - GREATEST FEAR: Global Warning

It has historically not been big business that cares about the environment. Donald is also cheap despite how rich he may or may not be. He has said he believes global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I don't think he believes that. I think Donald knows global warming is happening, but he just doesn't care about the issue, nor will he help. Trump will only make global warming worse.

I believe this issue will bring humanity to the crossroads before 2050, meaning our children are beyond hope if we, the millenials can't get this right. Having Donald J. Trump in the White House won't ensure the crisis is unstoppable, but surely it will be harder to solve this problem for good. By solving the problem for good, I mean by that the world goes carbon neutral or negative with a Trump Presidency in the mix.

This issue is the only issue that is serious enough for me to even consider voting for Hillary.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - GREATEST FEAR: War with Russia

Hillary has been trashing Russia the entire campaign. Whether she is doing this because she really dislikes Russia or because it is politically popular is questionable, I believe both are factors in her anti-Russian rhetoric.

There is no secret Putin and Hillary hate each other. Hillary also wants a 'no-fly' zone over Syria. If she lives up to her word on this it means shooting down Russian planes bombing Aleppo.

What happens when the first American or Russian jet gets shot down is not going to be pretty. My generation has no appreciation for the Cold War. We were not alive and most of us probably don't even know of this event (sad but true), or how close the Cuban Missle Crisis came to ending the world as we know it.

There was only one American pilot shot down over Cuba in the Cuban Missle Crisis and it nearly started WWIII.

Clinton has said everything, except that Russia is part of the Axis of Evil. In Russia, government officials, and journalists seem much more concerned about a 'hot war' with Russia breaking out. Whether it is a proxy war that intensifies as we have now in Syria, or a full out superpower hot war remains to be seen.

Putin has less respect for women than Donald Trump, and will not back down from Hillary for both personal ego reasons and political viability reasons. He would lose military support overnight and threaten his own existence looking weak to a woman. If anything, I believe Putin will provoke a Clinton Administration.

Will Hillary back down like Obama did after the famous 'red-line' disaster? No, Hillary has gonads that make Obama look like a eunuch.


I do not believe that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be re-elected in four years. Satan would poll higher than these two, and after four years, Satan will look like the refreshing option, re-enter Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I'm scared about those guys as well, but we're focused on Hillary and Donald right now.

The earth can endure four more years of reckless CO2 emissions (it may not matter anyways). One hot war with Russia, and the world could be devastated overnight.

Trump is a misogynist, but so is Putin. Sadly, misogynists tend to like each other and brag about their own perverse 'locker room talk.'

Hillary is a feminist, which I respect, but Putin abhors. Misogynists and feminists do not exactly work well together.

Given the nature of the greatest threats, I believe Hillary is more of a clear and present danger to the stability of the world than Donald Trump if elected. I believe Trump is much more dangerous for this planet in terms of the next 50 years.

This becomes a game of triage where you work on the patient most likely to live first. Right now that person is sadly Donald Trump.

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