Saturday, November 26, 2016

President Obama Where are You? The Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL

There has been for the better part of this year a stand off between the Dakota Standing Rock Tribe and Energy Trust Partners that are hell bent on running a pipeline under the Missouri River,  potentially compromising Dakota drinking water sources and destroying sacred land.

President Obama has issued no policy statement regarding the standoff. He has done nothing to stem the violence against protestors.

Mr. Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline once state legislators, state courts, Federal administrative agencies and Federal courts failed to stop the pipeline. The President tried to remain on the sidelines, hoping bureaucracy outside of The White House would serve the interests of The White House. Despite trying to pass the buck, the President could not stay silent and was forced to act.

How is Standing Rock DAPL any different from the Keystone XL Pipeline? It actually appears on the face that the Keystone XL is safer, but the emissions from tar sands would be horrific.

Is the President only concerned about emissions and not the people that are affected by the infrastructure of pipelines? I have no idea.

He is a lame duck; he has nothing to lose. No interest group is banking on legislation this late in his Presidency. Why then the inaction?

Is the President beholden even at this stage in his Presidency to Energy Trust Partners?

The President even addressed the Standing Rock Dakota as he was a first term President, vowing to heal the broken promises of the past, and create a unified future.

The ACLU which has been an ardent supporter of marginalized peoples, has done little more than beg for change. There have been no Federal filings asking for an injunction.

The EPA did not override the Army Corps of Engineers approving the pipeline which is their right by Federal regulations.

All in all, it looks like a very sad end for the Standing Rock Dakota. If Mr. Obama fails to act before January 20th, a newly sworn in President Trump will be the last source of the tribes' salvation.

One of the saddest stories out of America this year.

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