Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We Can All Have Everything Forever, Just Not Yet

Who hasn't fantasized about a world where everything you wanted happened?

Think of a New York pizza. Bam! Instantly it's toasty hot right in front of you. Want to visit Ireland? Bam, you're drinking Jameson in a Irish pub with good lads and lassies. Need some cash?Money will instantly spring from thin air. Want an airplane? Or how about flying Iron Man style around the world in outerspace? It is all possible in our lifetime.

Sorry, there is no God making machine, but a world of online consciously unconscious intelligence is no different than waking conscious intelligence if viewed from the right relative perspective.

If everyone could have their own universe to control intellectually, there would be world peace. If everything you want and imagine is only a cerebral integration away, who would fight for what they already have? No one.

This might sound like I'm ripping off The Matrix, StarTrek's holodeck, or Inception, but can you imagine having a hard drive implant in your brain? I can. It would certainly cut down studying time.

I'd like to think of this as more of a community of universes. You want to enter the mind of your best friend to relieve an amazing moment, your friend shares the data with you. If have no friends, you can imagine ones you want to come to life.

The entire time your 'real' body would be essentially no more than a conduit passing information back and forth to the consciously unconscious brain electronically like a server.

Sacrilege you say? What is the difference between a dream and reality? Or a dream, reality, and artificial reality? It's all relative.

Why is this important?

The goal of human society is time. We all (mostly) want more time. People spend their life fortune for 6 more months of life using modern medicine. Who wouldn't give everything to be immortal and omnipotent, even if it is only in your own reality? Lots and lots of people, the world over.

Does time matter when you have full consciousness inside your own constructed reality? Probably not if there is a way to fully copy one's consciousness completely digitally. What is a millisecond in a computer? A lifetime.

So when Cyberdyne or The Weyland Corporation create a way to hook me up to create my own reality, I'll be first in line.

I've always wanted to rule as Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, and it will be no different than my current waking consciousness, from a relative point of view.


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