Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back in Business and Ain't it Grand! Blog title: Hillary Will Never Be President

Hillary Will Never Be President
Sorry Dems, she will be the Democratic Presidential nominee, but fail to win the general election.

Don't worry, Ted Cruz won't be President either, nor will Dr. I know the law better than lawyers Carson.

Yes, the nominee will be the one word that terrifies Dems the most: Bush.

Jeb Bush is highly intelligent, maybe he was adopted?  He speaks Spanish fluently and is married to a Latina, with a mixed son, much like me. Jeb can communicate to the Latino community better than Hillary ever could. As we all know, Latinos will be the determining factor on how Florida votes. Did you forget Jeb was an enormously popular governor in that state?

Jeb is the only candidate in my opinion that can beat Hillary,  and after a McCain ass-spanking in 2008, and a creepy cyborg nominee in 2012, the Republicans want a winner more than their God, guns, and grits.

Though 41 lost to Clinton in 1992, we can attribute that to Ross Perot taking votes from 41 just like Nader did to Al Gore in 2000.

Other than being foiled by a 3rd party President Taft style, the Bush's are in general: winners.

Sure, to win a Republican primary now you have to say things that would get an average person committed.  But once the general election nominees are chosen, the real Jeb will come out and you will be surprised to hear his platform.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's past due for a female President,  and I believe Hillary would be an excellent President by recent comparisons (Bill included).

However,  I believe she is her own worst enemy in the same league as Gore & Romney.

We'll see if I'm on my way to being a political pundent, or just spewing filth like Chris Matthews.


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