Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vladimir Hitler

It was only 7 years ago when Vladimir Putin was chosen as Person of the Year by Time Magazine. I was pissed that Al Gore didn't win. Global warming was a big deal 7 years ago when Al won the Nobel Peace Prize for his PowerPoint presentation and it seemed at the time that giving him the Person of the Year status was a good idea.

But instead, Putin took home the Person of the Year crown. This decision was made because Putin had done such a masterful job rebuilding the Russian economy from the rubble of the Soviet Union. Hasn't there been another man that was awarded Person of the Year for rebuilding an economy from the rubble of a different economy? 

Ok, the title of the blog gave it away. That was Adolf Hitler back in 1933, who as Chancellor, was named Man of the Year (Time changed 'Man' to 'Person' not too long ago. Everyone was sexist back then). Then a mere 7 years later he took Alsace and Lorraine from France. No big deal, there were ethnic Germans living there. They all wanted to be part of Germany anyway. 

So far there are absolutely no parallels between Putin's actions and Hitler's so I don't know why I'm trying to compare the two. On second thought, there might be a few coincidences:
1. Both were awarded time's top person.
2. Seven years after both were named "Person/Man of the Year," they both annexed a small piece of land to the southwest parts of their respective States and under the pretense of bringing ethnic German or Russian groups of people under the protection of the Mother country no less.
3. Both parties showed a desire to take even more neighboring sovereign country land. Hitler wanted Poland. And Putin wants eastern Ukraine.
4. Red lines were set against Hitler and now against Putin about further expansions.
5. The Allies called out Hitler when he invaded Poland. Now, will NATO do anything if Russia tries to annex part of eastern Ukraine? 

All I've heard so far is that the West/NATO/US/UN, etc. will only sanction Russia again. Is Obama Neville Chamberlain? Is Putin going to stop these land grabs? Will the U.S. be drawn into a war over the country lines on a map in eastern Europe?

The situation is not pretty. And if Putin is anything like Hitler, the more he takes, the more he'll want.

And now I can't travel to Russia or Nazi-Germany. Damn.

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