Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is all life predetermined?

I have had a theory lately that all life is predetermined. I don't like to think that it is, but when one considers what the laws of physics state, there is room to believe all animals including humans have a predetermined destiny.

The theory is that all atoms want to be stable. If you light a match, there is more stability in burning that match than if the match had never been lighten.  At the same time, our brains are no more than chemical reservoirs of information. We don't have computer chips in our head and all the information that we accumulate and use in daily life is stored in the brain in chemical fashion that even the top scientists in the world are still trying to figure out.

So here is the theory...if all things in nature are trying to become more stable doesn't that mean that every thought we have is actually driven by a chemical process that may make us feel in control, when we are actually acting in a way that makes the molecules and neurons fire in a way that is out of our control and makes us do what is in accordance with physics and not free will?

If you shoot a man with a gun, and he dies, why did you shoot him in the first place? Your brain synapses told your body to pull the trigger, and the body is beholden to the brain. The next question is what made your brain tell your body to execute this action? If stability is the ultimate goal of the universe, it would make sense that you really had no real decisive ability to shoot or not to shoot. The chemicals in your brain which we can not control, overrode what some would call "free will" and thus even though you may be aware of the crime of shooting someone, it was actually a doing of the chemicals in your mind that were the real culprit and not you as a sentient person.

The Sun doesn't have any ability to do anything that doesn't match up with astrophysics. It can not decide to have a solar storm or not, all the Sun does is react to the elements that rule the laws of physics. So why is a ball of fire larger than any planet in the solar system any different than a bunch of atoms in a human? We do not know.

But I believe that there is some truth in the fact that everything that happens on Earth is predetermined due to the laws of physics.

Isn't it at least interesting to think for a moment that everything we do in the universe is predetermined and yet as humans we still believe in "free will?" When will we ever know who rules who? I don't think that question can be legitimately answered at this time, but damn it would be amazing to find out that what I theorize about "free will" being a farce is actually true.

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