Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day! & Law Day! & International Worker's Day! Whew.

May 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. To me it signals the beginning of the Summer season (I now when Summer really starts). April showers have brought May flowers, and college students around the country are finishing their finals for the Spring semester.

But, beyond the beauty of the month of May, and the relief that a long respite from skipping classes & having frat parties is near, May Day used to be of great significance to the country and the world.

Let's begin with a short history lesson. Back in my grandpa's day, May Day (not to be confused with "mayday"...what you yell when you have to eject from your fighter jet due to an incoming missile), is a celebration of the changing of the seasons that was actually started by "the Celtic festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night," or so says Wikipedia.

In America we used to celebrate May Day by watching girls and boys in cute summer attire dance around a "May Pole." Don't believe me, see picture below:

Why did we abandon such a festival that was exclusively White people dancing they way the we supposed to? Maybe because of the Civil Rights Movement, which May Day pretty much flew in the face of, not that that was it's original intention. So now May Day is a thing of the past, though I would love to see American's of all races, creeds, and colors still participate in this celebratory tradition. It's silly, but fun, and I guarantee the alcohol would be a flowing.

Next we come to Law Day, also today on May 1st. Law Day was an Eisenhower response to the Communist threat back in the Cold War, when America wanted to shove it to the dirty Commies by standing for peace, justice, and the American way of life. As you can imagine, lawyers are not the most revered segment of society, hence this "holiday" was a government inspired flop. Perhaps you could call it the Gigli of contrived holidays, (I actually saw Gigli in the theater and have petitioning Columbia Pictures for my money back for almost a decade now).

In the vast majority of the civilized world, May 1st is known as International Worker's Day (even America unofficially celebrates it, or so says Wikipedia). And by it's name you may guess, this celebration is to placate the mass workers screwed over by the "Man" once a year. Hey, if you don't make the working people feel quasi-appreciated for being shat on and kept in their place by the rich at least once a year, revolution just might break out, and who wants that?

So despite the fact that most American's don't know that May 1st is of any real significance, they are probably just in their ignorance, as few if any celebrations make this day meaningful in the 21st century. And now I am in tears.

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