Friday, March 8, 2013

Drones are Good!

I love that a learned man of the law, Eric Holder, condones executing American citizens via drone strikes if the conditions call for it. No one knows what constitutes "conditions that call for it," but I'm sure this power would NEVER be abused.

Why do we have Federal Courts if we can just execute anyone the President says should be bombed? Mr. Obama is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Mr. Holder is a graduate of Columbia Law School. How is it that graduates of the most respected institutions of law can try and justify this policy?

This is the blatant bastardization of the US Constitution. The 5th Amendment guarantees "due process" before a person's liberty or property can be seized by the government.

What is going on in the best democracy in the world when it reduces itself to executing citizens without any charges, trials, or appeals?

We all know that innocent American citizens have been executed by a court of law. Drone strikes do not even allow for the wrongful death of a citizen by a jury; they are simply death warrants.

I voted for Obama twice, I believed that as President, Mr. Obama would rely on the courts to determine if a US citizen was guilty of treason. If a suspect was convicted of treason, then by all means that person should suffer the consequences and penalties of committing that act, even if the consequence is death.

However, if the President knows of a terrorist threat, then by all means, take those people into custody and try them in a court of law.

By giving the President the power to execute an American citizen without the due process of law, not only is the President violating the Constitution, but he is also reducing a society that has been the brightest light for liberty and democracy for the entire world to a totalitarian State. If we sanction the summary execution of American citizens, then how can we condemn a different nation state that does the same?

As a law student, I am appalled that a man that is seemingly so reasonable can not definitely state that drone strikes will not be carried out on American citizens. What if the US government believed that YOU were a threat? Once you see your name on TV as a suspect, everyone believes that you are a villian whether you are or not. That is exactly why we have juries. Juries are the balance of power that is a common law principle from John Locke, and from everyone that believes in the due process of law.

I endorse Mr. Obama, but I believe he has recklessly allowed his surrogates (Mr. Holder) to initiate a policy that stands against everything the founding fathers intended when in their infinite wisdom, created a Constitution that lives on today.

If the President can murder anyone he wants at will, we cease to live in a democracy. And, if Obama, a Democrat, invokes this power, what will more conservative powers do when they hold office?

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