Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wow! Has it been 3 Months?

So for that last 3 and a half months I have been studying hard in law school. It has been both a rewarding and painful experience. I can honestly say that I have learned more in the first semester of law school than I have learned in 2 years of undergraduate school. Yes, it is that intense.

Over the last 3 and a half months, I have met some very interesting people. Some professors that are qualified to teach at Harvard Law, and some professors that should not be professing.

I have met colleges that are genuinely nice to me and some that are rat bastards. It's all part of the game.

Recently I met a special person that was kind enough to spend Thanksgiving evening with me. I was alone, without family, as all my family lives states away, and this new friend decided to share a few hours with me talking about law school, people in general, and his views on the world.

It was one of the most rewarding nights of my life. For the first time at law school, I felt like I wasn't alone; I felt like someone understood me as I understood them.

Unfortunately, finals came along and separated us a bit as we were both studying furiously. I hope that next semester I can re-kindle this friendship and make more friends that are so similar to me that we butt heads on almost everything. As a lawyer to be, it is incredibly fun and amusing to argue with someone as intelligent as yourself from a different perspective.

Now that the 1st semester of law school is almost over, I can start to reminisce on the ebbs and flows.

To anyone that is about to start law school, the first semester is HELL! You don't know what is expected of you. You don't know how hard you have to work, and it's damn near impossible to predict your grades. But, do not despair, you will learn more in law school than perhaps any other school save medical school; I could not deal with eight years of training to cut people open. Law school is only three years, which may sound overwhelming to some, but remember, being a lawyer is not a dead-end job.

As an attorney you are qualified to do nothing in Congress, steal from your clients, and lie to judges while looking them in the eye. Ok, that may sound a bit sarcastic and unfounded. But the truth is that professors teach you to be honest, and you as a person have to decide if you want to live an honest life or not. Many lawyers are crooks; many more are not.

As with every job, it doesn't pay to take the short-cut by cheating a customer, it pays to treat people right and have their business for life.

So if you need an attorney, and there is almost a 100% chance you will one day during your lifetime, remember that not all attorneys are the same. Some just care about your money, while some actually care about you. If you feel like an attorney doesn't understand what you are talking about, then he most likely sees you as a dollar sign.

Perhaps not the most interesting blog, but definitely one to read.

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