Monday, June 18, 2012

My South to North Car Trip

Yes, this blog title sounds like what I did on my summer vacation. And, unless you robbed a bank, committed murder and ate the corpse, who wants to hear about your summer?

This trip was special. I've already driven cross country from West to East, and East to West. But somehow, this trip eclipsed them both.

It was not fun. There was upwards of 300 miles zig-zagging back and forth through the forests of Oregon and Washington. But when it comes to scenery, there was no comparison.

Starting in California and traveling through Nevada, all was desert. The roads were so long, you could look as far as the eye could see, see the curvature of the Earth and still not have a clue where the road would end.

I was in a dicey situation in Mina, NV. Google Earth this one horse town. The 130 miles before Mina there was not a single gas station. When I can rolling into Mina my miles to empty gas gauge was at 0.

Yet, there was a friendly filling station and I filled to the brim. Apparently not learning my lesson, this nearly happened to me again in Oregon when I got down to 40 miles to empty before finding an all cash filling station. Thank goodness I had taken some money out of the ATM the night before or I'd have once again been (enter cliche for screwed here).

Once I made it to Oregon, I initially thought I could be in the movie Dances with Wolves the prairie was so breathtaking. No power lines, telephone lines, or cell phone towers. No side roads, or little shacks, just endless clean and untouched Earth. It almost gave me renewed hope in the Human kind, until I realized the only reason that this land was still pristine was because it had no oil, gold, silver, copper, etc. to extract.

The forests of Northern Oregon and Washington State were equally beautiful. I felt this time like I was in the Robert Redford flick, A River Runs Through It.

If you've seen my pictures on Facebook, you have a general idea of how incredible this land is to the soul.

Finally I made it to my destination, Spokane, WA. I sure would have liked a co-pilot on this trip, but all in all I did pretty good.

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