Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Raven

I don't often do a movie review, but every now and then it's fun to give your own take on a movie, especially when you see it on opening day and can spoil some of it for the people that read your blog, or person.

That said, I will not give away any serious parts of The Raven unless you see a yellow highlighter on crucial spoiler points. (Skip those if you don't want to be spoiled). Duh.

John Cusack plays Edgar Allen Poe in possibly his best performance since Identity (2003), or more probably Being John Malkovich (1999). His performance is truly a tour de force and will stand out as one of his great roles of his movie career. After the first minute of the movie, you see only Poe, not Cusack.

As a person that has never been a big John Cusack fan, (though I did love Hot Tub Time Machine..."you're gonna lose that arm"), I have to say that I can't even imagine Christian Bale or any other talented Hollywood big wig actor playing the part to such perfection.

Besides Cusack, the leading actress in the movie, played by Alice Eve is not only perfect for the part as Poe's lover in distress, she is smoking, and I mean smoking hot.

The plot of the movie starts rather briskly with lots of gore to my personal delight, and who doesn't like seeing cut off tongues and men being chopped in half?

The movie develops as the serial killer villain, (though back in 1849 there was no known serial killer until the famous Jack the Ripper) endeavors and succeeds in killing multiple poor schmucks in various ways that Poe had written about in his gruesome tales of horror.

Perhaps my greatest qualm with the movie is the portrayal of Edgar Allen Poe as a raving alcoholic. This fact is that Poe was not an alcoholic at all. He was actually allergic to alcohol. He died on election day in November in 1849 in Baltimore, because the modus operandi of the day was to get average street bums raging drunk so that they would vote 5 or more times.

Poe was a victim to underhanded men of confidence that served him alcohol unknowingly, got him to vote multiple times in a drunken stupor and he died of alcohol poisoning as a result.

But historical accuracy aside, the movie has suspense, horror, gore, wit, and a satisfying end where the villain and Poe confront each other to live out Poe's last story in real life.

So, go see the damn flick, it's better than Lockout, and that was unexpectedly fun. If you don't like the movie, then feel free to mock my blog on Facebook, Twitter, or the comment section of my blog.

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  1. Very nice blog Bryan. Descriptive and well-written. It definitely makes me want to go out and see the movie! Love you:)


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