Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mayan's Say the End of the World is in 365 Days!

Forget the debt on your credit cards, your underwater house, and the unfaithful wife, girlfriend, etc. Don't bother finishing the basement or working extra hard at work. As Jim Morrison said: "This is the end."

According to predictions from Mayans, scientists, creationists, evolutionists, and perhaps even a few Scientologists, the world will come to apocalypse in exactly 365 days. That's one (Earth) year. Delightful news I know.

I'm personally setting up a pool on what spectacular form of destruction the Earth is set to endure. Nuclear war, solar flares, and asteroid collisions are already taken. Justin Bieber conquering mankind is still open with even odds, but I suppose no one will be alive to pay you off.

Let's talk seriously for a moment. If we did indeed did know that the world was going to end in a year's time how would you want to spend the next 365 days? Many would say let's throw a year long drunken, drug-induced rock 'n roll party. But, I believe most people would say they would want to spend time with those they love most, and make peace with all the petty problems created amongst ourselves. We might even be able to set a Guinness World Record for largest hand-holding Kumbaya singing.

Though most of us believe this is just another ridiculous Y2K scare, take a moment to think about what really matters in your life. Is it your stock portfolio, Porsche, or family? There is a chance that even if the end of the world does not come next December 21, 2012, your end may. Your life can end any day in any way imaginable. If it did end tomorrow, how would you spend it?

The moral of this blog is that life is so short, precious, and wonderful to waste anytime on silly squabbles because even if mankind has eons left to live, we all know that our number will be up well before that.

So take some time, and marvel at the fact that you are alive and even if you are not happy today, things can always get worse. Look at Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, & Botswana. Would you rather be a native of those countries or the one you are in now? How lucky we are to have even $1 in our pocket.

This was a glass half-full blog for those of you that can't read in-between or on the lines:-)

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