Thursday, November 3, 2011

Potpourri: Kim Kardashian, Amanda Knox, & Herman Cain

My over/under on the Kardashian marriage with Humfry Dumphry was 15 months. Originally I said 18 months, but after I saw how 'slow' the b-ball player was, I realized even rolling back the odds to 15 months was generous. Yes, I was off by about 13 months. How did the rest of you fair?

If you watched an episode of the trash sensation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and thought that Kris Humphries was going to be the last hubby of Kim's life, I feel doubly sorry for you, mostly because you tortured yourself by watching an episode of the KUWTK.

I'm not sure anyone, even Bruce Jenner took the marriage seriously. Even though he gave his blessing to Kris. Given the date of the divorce filing I was expecting Bobby Kardashian to rise from the grave on Halloween and inflict some O.J. style justice. I supposed Bob gave up on his daughters once he kicked the bucket.

Item the second: Amanda Knox. About a month ago, I predicted her to be pronounced guilty at her appeal trial. I was wrong. I stated she would be found guilty because I had absolutely ZERO confidence in the Italian justice system, despite there being no evidence against Amanda. The case had gone political and it seemed Italy just wanted to screw over this American because it could. However, even an Italian judge that seemingly was trained in law, couldn't soberly convict a girl to 26 years for murder with no evidence. Perhaps society is progressing.

We are all still waiting for the Amanda Knox story about what 'really' happened. And I hope that girl delivers it soon and takes the money and runs, presumably not to Italy. After hearing the bits and pieces of the case, and looking at it from a birds-eye view, I think most reasonable people would pronounce her innocent/not guilty. Does anyone really think her boyfriend of one whole month wouldn't have sold her out for immunity if they had done it? It's hard to stick to a story of innocence with a conspirator for four years with your life on the line. Don't believe me, look up Game Theory.

Finally, Herman Cain. Here we go with Anita Hill all over again. How many women does it take to claim sexual harassment charges before the charges become more 'real'? Tough to say, with slick Willy it was Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, & our favorite Jewish intern of all time, Monica Lewinsky. I count three.

Congratulations Herm! News was that special miss no. 3 is waiting in the wings with a lawyer in hand. And, this special lady never filed suit, or signed any non-disclosure agreement. So, she's either trying to get paid off now by Herm, or she'll go public with a very salacious lawsuit that will most likely boost his approval rating. I can't think of a President/Candidate where their sexual indiscretions hurt them. Arnold won, Bill won, & Kennedy, well I like to think of this as a PG rated blog. So come on out whoever you are and let's prop Cain up for a sure to lose general election!

That's potpourri for ya, and today's B-Word.

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