Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye Cumberland

The time has come for me to uproot once again. It's only the 9th time I've moved in 5 years. Not so bad? Ha! If American's we're polled on some of the most laborious, irritating and down-right frustrating experiences, moving no doubt, would rank high.

Some of us stay in the same house for our entire lives. Others move yearly, bi-yearly, or like George Clooney in Up in the Air, seem to live on an airplane.

I have been in Cumberland, MD for a full year and a half now. This time, I'm moving for a good reason, I'm going to law school. While I don't matriculate until next August/September, I've decided it would be better to rent out my house and start prepping for another adventure, even if that adventure brings me right back to Cumberland to practice law. With all the assaults, drunks, drugs, rapes, and murders, I'd have more than a successful little practice and I've already started to learn the local officials and lawyers in the City.

My leaving is bittersweet. I've made a lifelong friend here that I will miss more than anything else. I know I'll contact him via cellphones and mail. But, it's never the same. Moreover, he is suffering from an aggressive form of spinal cancer and while he looks ok now, I fear I may never see him again. That's the bitter, perhaps very bitter and gut-wrenching part of leaving.

The sweet part is that I'm looking forward to again having a new academic challenge that I can use directly out of graduation (and passing the bar) to making myself a comfortable, if not spectacular life. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to blog about my kids (none yet), my dog (he'll live forever), a good woman, a house on a hill, the whole bit.

That is why while there are some great parts of Cumberland, right now my life needs to take a new path forward, as my current living situation is stagnant to say the least. Change is never easy, but without it, we stop learning and creating new experiences that define a life.

I say thank you for taking care of me for a year and a half Cumberland, and one day I know I'll return with a grand smile.

Today's sentimental B-Word.

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