Monday, October 31, 2011

Drunk Blogging = Really Bad Idea

To all the bloggers out there be warned, people actually read your blog once in a while. I frequently brag a little how my blog has seen a rise in readership in the last two years since I began this endeavor to report on my life and those around me.

But, unlike Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City, sometimes it's easy to say way too much about friends & family. Alcohol in the mix doesn't help this dilemma one bit.

Having to apologize for silly comments only intended to get a cheap laugh is hard. No one wants to admit when they've made a mistake, human nature I'd say. Yet sometimes to make people understand the true colors of a person's character apologies are necessary. And, despite circumstances that might have caused a shit-storm of regret (drinking while blogging), it doesn't excuse the mal-behavior nor make things easier in a path to resolution. To those I've offended recently and in the past. Please forgive me. I seek not to hurt. That's the truth.

Trust is a hard to rebuild, and takes time. So all I can do is show genuine regret and love in trying to heal the relationship. The best advice when intoxicated is to stay away from email, text messaging, drunk dialing, and other forms of communication that will possibly get you in boiling hot water.

I hope I've learned my lesson.

Today's humble B-Word.

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