Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amanda Knox Will Be Found Guilty

There are so many factors at play in this case. And, the appeal trial is almost at a verdict. Amanda has one more appeal if she loses this one, so all is not lost, except probably another 2 years of her life.

The first reason she will be found guilty is that she is a very beautiful, young girl, that was intelligent enough and have the means to go to college. As she was in college while this death took place. If she is found not guilty it will leave the rotten tastes in ugly people's minds that the only reason she got off was because she was pretty and upper-middle class (special treatment).

The second reason she be found guilty is the Italian-American thing. While we don't have open hatred for each other like the French, Americans think Italians can be snooty and Italians certainly don't like foreigners playing deadly sex games in their country. As this have become internationally political, the Italians don't want to lose, especially on their home court, and also while being the referees.

Amanda, I will say that if you are lucky enough to get out of the Guido Purgatory before 50 then you'll have a lucrative book, movie deal worth a couple million. Don't panic, until you lose your last appeal.

Today's B-Word.

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