Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony. Mother, Murderer, Millionaire?

The verdict is in. America is stunned. White people are almost as angry as when O.J. got off in '95. The only people that seem to be happy about the verdict are Casey Anthony & lawyers. And, the media executives that have more cow dung to broadcast about.

Networks that devoted time to this case saw rising ratings. And it wasn't long before all the news and even non-news channels started reporting on this murder trial. This was the news story du jour of the last month. Apparently the media got tired of showing John Boehner in shorts on the golf course talking debt with the President. I'm pretty sure John uses a spray on tan formula instead of a salon bed.

Why do we get so involved in the lives of a few unremarkable perhaps even deplorable people in their worst situations possible? We all like to see a train wreck.  This is a rather general explanation. Let me be frank:

I believe we as Americans have a cultural fetish for murder trials that become high-profile. Call it voyeurism if you want.

How else can you explain the fact that hundreds of people spent thousands of dollars and as many as 150 hours in line to get a seat in the courthouse? Hundreds of thousands more recorded the trial daily, and millions saw bits and pieces across the country.

The trial provided the community of Orange County, FL more business than a traveling circus selling eight-balls instead of funnel cake. The media built a "Casey Town" in a open lot across from the courthouse. Hotels, motels, restaurants, & almost all local businesses saw money flowing in as never before as the media & fanatics staked out the town literally, and the American public followed virtually.

Casey Anthony made millions of dollars flow from place to place during this trial.

Now that the trial is over, what's next? Come on you know. First come the talk shows. Then comes Casey Anthony the book, Casey Anthony the TV-movie (I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a shoe in for the role).

By the time the whole story has been told and retold a few thousand times, Casey Anthony will be a millionaire. That's right you heard it here first! She is going to get stinking rich faster than a Thai hooker could...well I'll let you fill in the blank for that one.

If you're mad now that they aren't going to give her the special prison cocktail, wait until she has a $10 million pad and a 20-year old pool/play boy. Yes, it is coming and we all know it.

Casey Anthony is going to go from mother, previously suspected child-murderer, to big time millionaire.

Today's trash celebrity B-Word.

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