Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Got My Car Back!

To my great surprise my car was found. The location, Bedford, PA. Some 20 miles or so outside Cumberland. The woman was taken into custody who was driving my vehicle & listed as a missing person at the time. She also got her hands into some other stuff, but we'll get to that later.

So I received a call on Friday afternoon that my car had been spotted by PA State Police and that it was in a small town named Buffalo Falls. So then the next day I get another call from the State trooper saying that the suspect was also involved in burglaries in PA.

When I got a cab today to take me out to Buffalo Falls, the driver had a constant twitch of the neck, but seemed well meaning at least. We got the to impound. My car was in near perfect condition! And, a State Policemen was there at a agreed upon time to retrieve stolen item which were in my truck.

Items included:

PS2 w/ controllers
Apple iPod
Coin Collection
Harley Davidson ring
a large brazeer

Surely this was a sign that this alleged unauthorized user of my vehicle for two weeks was up to no good. Let's break it down. She stole shit from people's houses to go most likely and try to pawn the stuff for drugs and booze. I'm just saying, it's possible.

Well, I got my damn Mustang back today in nearly perfect condition and I'm relieved to only be out an impound fee for this charade.

I can't wait to be a State's witness for yet another criminal trial. I'll probably be in Cali then smoking weed. Why would I want to come back to MD to testify for some crazy woman? Exactly, there is no answer!

Thank Jebus you didn't have to go through this BS.

Today's B-Word.

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