Monday, May 9, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Does Not Have a Death Certificate

I've read the headlines, seen the President's speech, and the video of some Pakistani compound located somewhere in the world, perhaps even Pakistan.

But as a major Bin-Truther follower, I demand not only the "gruesome pictures" of Bin Laden dead, but his prior DNA, current DNA, fingerprints, dental records, facial recognition results, penis size, and retinal scan.

Until, we, the American public, can have full access to the findings of Bin Laden's dead, now a piece of ocean food body, I will not be satisfied that the Al Qaeda/Taliban/Enemy Combatant etc., was even killed at all! Reports are coming out that he was living in the same place in Pakistan for perhaps as long as 7 years!

What Pakistani would not snitch for the $20 million reward money the US always never pays to informants?

While I try and figure that one out, I still plow away at getting not just Osama's death certificate, surely in the bowls of some Hawaiian bureaucratic volt of locked records.

I challenge President Obama to send his "personal" attorney once again to the quasi-American island of Hawaii to procure a photo-shopped image of Bin Laden's death certificate to bring this entire proceeding to an end.

The only way I see this happening is of course to enlist "The Donald." He may not be any-good at running a Presidential election campaign, but he does rock when he gets some hot air blowing through his toupee to goad the President to all but submit to a random drug test to make sure he hasn't been sniffing the complementary White House, white powder.

Hey, "The Donald" may be best on Celebrity Apprentice, on at 9pm EDT on NBC, as he constantly reminds us. But he's better at getting forged information by accusing people forging the documents of the inability to produce forged documents because they have not been forged yet.

I hope we can put this Bin Laden case to rest soon, it's almost Memorial Day, and who better to remember than the SOB that killed so many others that we are spending the day lamenting?

Should you have any documents forged or not regarding the Bin Laden case, please send them to Bradley Manning so he can send them to WikiLeaks. I sure as hell don't want to be in a Quantico Brig naked. You so know, the straight Marines still got off on looking at his cock.

Today's B-Word!

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