Thursday, May 26, 2011

Never Lend Your Car to a Friend. Period.

Life always keeps coming at you. One day you get a $500 cell phone bill because your son called the Psychic Friends Network for 2 hours, the next month, elective surgery on your Sister's bosoms goes wrong and insurance won't pay for the lopsidedness.

Then you have those really special occasions that make you almost smile at the insanity of the world we live in.

My supposedly good friend, let's call her Demetria Castillo, was in town this past weekend from Winchester, Va. In the past, Demetria was my neighbor across the street and we had developed a good friendship. We watched movies & listened to music. Our deep meaningful conversations were special, and we ate good home-cooked food together. I bonded not only with Demetria, but also her two wonderful children.

Naturally, as a perhaps naive and overly trusting friend, I loaned Demetria my car on Sunday night, as she wanted to see some of her friends she hadn't seen in a while. Despite heavy reservations about giving her the keys, I could only say no to her so many times before I gave in, if to only get her to stop nagging me.

Come the next morning, I assume she'd come strolling back by with my car, and perhaps a hangover from a night of partying with her friends. It never happened. She never showed.  It's 3 days later and there is still no word from her or the whereabouts of my car.

At this point, I'm worried that both my car and my friend might be wrecked in some ditch. I might even end up holding the bag on my car loan. Don't you love making payments for a car you don't have? I'm prepping myself for this grim possibility.

At this point, I'm hoping I can get the car back from some impound on the East coast and only be out a few hundred bucks, not a stack and a half of high society.

The sad moral of this story, is that there are friends in life, and there are reliable, trustworthy friends. We know which are which. When building trust with a friend you discover a level of reliability in each person. Some, you know will always be late. Some, never come through for the smallest favors.  Some are iffy, sometimes reliable, and sometimes not.

What I've learned the hard way through this experience is that unless you would trust a person with your life, literally, do not trust them with your valuable objects, most obviously, your house, car, or any significant sum of money.

It's hard to say no to a friend. You feel guilty, like a bad person. But, if a friend doesn't respect your decisions on what they can and can't do with your property, they really aren't a friend are they?

Today's solemn but true as always, B-Word.

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  1. Looks like my car has been found in mint condition! My friend is alive and well also. So it looks like things turned out in the best possible way.



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