Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Last year I posted a blog about how the Mexicans kicked the Frenchie's ass back in the 19th century because the Mexicans defaulted on debt. Well this year I'm focusing on my birthday. Which, happens to coincide with Cinco de Mayo.

First, I'd like to say to all you alcoholics out there that need a reason to jump off the metaphorical wagon, this is the day! Especially if you're Mexican. Of course, we all know alcoholics need not a reason to start drinking, but holidays with some unknown meaning always help.

On to my birthday. I'd like to say that the warm wishes and the pomp and circumstance for which this birthday has been received has not gone unnoticed. People have been so kind as to send me greeting of "go fuck yourself," "I hope you die a cold and lonely death," and my personal favorite since it's an oldie, "lick deez nutz."

My friends do truly care about me. Which is more than most people can say. I want to keep my birthday blog sweet and short today, as I'm about to embark on a day of juvenile malfeasance.

But once again to all those that love and care for me out there, I do truly appreciate it and feel loved. If you would like to love me in other ways and you're female, please contact me after having a blood test. Just kidding, I'm currently in a great relationship, so you'll have to keep any contact on the down low so my girlfriend who is sure to read this thinks everything is fine:-)

Happy Cinco de Birthday!

And that's today's short B-Birthday Word!

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