Wednesday, April 20, 2011

High Holiday of Pot Smokers: 4/20

Yup. It's another April, 20th. Yet another unwarranted excuse for hippie stoners to go out and smoke their weed with pride. No one really even knows for sure where "420" came from. I've heard the rumors of police codes and such, but every-time I get a stoner to answer me this question, before he finishing answering, he forgets what he was talking about.

The irony in this day is that most of young America believes in legalization while older America prefers to keep the status quo. Yet another shocker I know. As long as we continue to racial profile and arrest only non-white people for pot, then I suppose I'm ok with that. Sucks for you Mexicans! You're going to jail!

The reasons pot should be legal are so many in count and so often reported on in the media. Therefore, I chose to believe none of the previous statement. Yes, and Jon Kyl wears blue woman's panties with lace around the trim in bed at night. See statement before previous statement and apply intent to the previous statement. Legal issues, you know.

What we really need in Cumberland, Maryland is not the legalization of pot, but the growth of the correctional facility construction industry! Today's economy needs jobs. Jobs that can't be outsourced to China, Taiwan, or even Mexico. But, they are jobs that can and will imprison the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Mexicans, all jobs right here in America. We can in-source clients from around the world, while never worrying about exporting a single job! All right here in America.

Here in Cumberland, we are privy to the beginning of the prison boom. Here we are privileged to have the newly built in 2003 North Branch facility. It features maximum-security status and a high-tech design to house only Maryland's finest felony convicts. The prison was given the honor in June of last year of housing the "death-row" inmates as well. Quite impressive I know. But we also have the "Western Correctional Institution," commonly referred to as "county."

Of course there are jail cells down at the police station as well, but that's a given.

If Cumberland is lucky we can get contracts for a few more maximum-security compounds, and the city will once again be booming.

Since marijuana is illegal in Cumberland, I'm sure there will be some great arrests involving some ganga in the news tomorrow!

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