Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catherine Zeta-Jones is Bipolar. Do you still like her?

One of Hollywood's most beloved stars has recently come out and started talking publicly about being bipolar. I'm not talking about Charlie Sheen. The Oscar winning mother & wife to the apparently cancer free Michael Douglas checked herself into a Psych-Ward, Mental Hospital, Nut House, etc.

But this time we're not laughing. We're not pointing at Catherine and calling her crazy.

Over the past several years she has been under enormous stress between trying to actually maintain some semblance of a career, while being a mother, & having your loving husband find to his surprise stage 4 throat cancer. Sometimes early screening doesn't help, like when there is something wrong with you that the doctor or tech or nurse screw or mess up and a positive scan is judged a negative one. Sorry Michael, that really does suck.

Are we realizing as a society that we are becoming expected to do more than we mentally should have to? Does this lead to, in some predisposed people some extreme depression/anxiety and mania?

I believe our brains are not created to accommodate the fashion in which we use our noggins.

Think of the mental stress these days: thousands of emails, text messages, cell phone minutes, and countless other important tasks.

Think about when you last got pissed off at some asshole and you grabbed a beer to calm down. Now imagine your husband looking like the Crypt Keeper throwing up everywhere for months. You don't grab a beer, you grab a barrel, single malt preferably. And, you exit the situation through intoxication.

Some people can become severely depressed without any substance use whatsoever. The best advice I ever heard was from a Dr. at the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce, who said, "there are drugs out there that work. You just need to find the right drugs at the right dosages."

So we all feel for Mrs. Zeta-Jones Douglas, she truly is as inspiring a Hollywood figure as they come. She has been envied for her gorgeous yet unique look, as a singer, dancer, and actress extraordinaire. She doesn't get into trouble. She loves her family. And, is as good as T-Mobile at what she does (ok better than T-Mobile, who am I kidding?), and makes it impossible to not love the genuine beauty in the quality of person she is.

And, when someone you love is in unfathomable pain, is it not abnormal to be sad or depressed?

Perhaps being bipolar is not so bizarre after all.

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    ...but sometimes I don't like her so much, and she makes me sad... :(

  2. And sometimes...its just genetics. Everyone should read "An Unquiet Mind." For someone who has never experienced bipolar disorder, it is truly enlightening.

  3. No kidding, mental illness runs in families like cancer does.