Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Political Unrest to Travel from Libya to the US?

Many if not most of the nation's 7 million or so "millionaires" will tell you they are completely secure in the United States and believe that political unrest exhibited in the Middle-East and Africa has no bearing on their future stability.

As we have seen around the world, it is not just the Middle-East and Africa that have been in an uproar. But, Western countries such as the United Kingdom have now seen protests. The latest protest in London, was only over a tuition hike. Imagine what the young funny talking Brit whippersnappers might do if their warm beer taps ran dry!

We've seen peaceful protests in the United States as well. In Wisconsin, the entire State remains in a freeze, no pun intended (but seriously, why are you living in Wisconsin?), as the state government and employees face off over collective bargaining rights of the workers.

What happens when an intended peaceful protest gets lively and someone goes a little too far on either side? Someone, gets hurt, and that rage prompts a peaceful protest into a violent one.

We as Americans, like to think we have complete control over ourselves and are the best at, well everything. But one thing Hurricane Katrina taught us, besides to build real levies, was that in chaotic situations, Americans are about as bad as they come.

Cops loot stores, normally peaceful people cause great property destruction, and those predisposed to a life of crime and violence look at the situation as if all the prison bars of Alcatraz were suddenly opened and each inmate was given a firearm with 10,000 rounds.

Those that will suffer from political unrest are those that currently hold power, whether that power resides within government institutions or corporate ones. Many working Americans have come to a cultural acceptance that the rich are untouchable, and nothing can be done to improve 'Joe the Plummer's' lot in life. Yet, the rich and powerful are so greedy that they are crafting their own demise as surely as the Titanic was doomed to sink once it hit that iceberg.

The rich have 'legally' embezzled, grafted, redistributed, or whatever you want to call it, the wealth of this country so far in their direction and interests to the point of imminent failure. Remember, a rich person doesn't get served lunch if the poor waiter, cook, food-runner, manager, etc., say "screw you, eat your own damn food, and wipe your ass with that piece of cotton paper sporting that old-dead-non-president-white-guy from Philadelphia."

Had the super-rich not been so greedy, they could sustain their livelihood indefinitely by placating the middle and lower classes with such things like vacations, living wages, health-care, and education. Ridiculous I know.

Yet, the super rich are so greedy, that they are concerned more about themselves individually than even their own elite class as a whole. It reminds me of the scene in Titanic where one of the crew members assisting women and children into the lifeboats throws a gangster wad at Billy Zane's character. In essence it sums up what is going on now.

Times are tight, but with the super-rich bent on ever-increasing wealth (as it's never enough), there comes a tipping point at which money is about as valuable as on the sinking Titanic.

The saddest part of all, is that the rich know everything I've just spelled out. They know the day is coming, the only question is when. Yet, they take the attitude, that "I'll have bought the farm by then," or be on my yacht or in some South American palace. Essentially, when the shit goes down, I'm out, fight amongst yourselves.

After the fighting, the re-re-distribution of wealth, and rebuilding of our country, America once again has the potential to become a world leader. That is if we hold true to our Founding Father's principles and ideas of how government should be run. American debt didn't become a problem until the 1980's. So at least some of our past leaders got something right.

Hope you enjoyed today's B-Word.

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