Friday, March 25, 2011

Mexican "Brown People Sporting Award-Winning Mustaches" Population Grows to More Mexicans Than Before The Last Time Someone Wrote About This

That's right essay, you in the ciudad de vatos ahora. The brown & proud with tattoos of everything from their children's names & multiple wives initials, to gang signs, random musicians, & Gods, are growing as a minority population faster than even predicted.

As most Latins in the United Stats are Catholic, they do not on the whole as a culture, because of their religious views, believe in condoms. So hence, you have a poor population of Latinos popping up in record numbers all around the country. Every month some 20,000 people try to cross the border illegally.

But fear not, we have an army of Local, State, Federal, and Secret this and that agencies, that are working hard to keep out the Mexicans from coming through to the U.S. Hell even random citizens volunteer for no pay to help protect the border. The source of the increased Latin population  is really the rate at which Latin people inside the U.S. are growing from having lots of children.

I've always said there are really two solutions to this problem:

First, you can build the damn wall. This is the simplest solution as it will be nearly 100% effective in achieving the goal of illegal immigration over open land. However, this is also perhaps the least popular option. Who likes the blatant smack in the face that says I'm keeping you out of my yard with a big wall with armed guard towers and fences of razor wire?

Second, you can solve the problem by letting everyone over that wants to come. This of course is unpopular with millions of locals as they would feel intimidated by the increased supply of cheap labor.

Certainly the current solution to piece meal the problem with guards here and there has been the status quo for sometime and is probably the most unjust solution. We lure them in with open land, the "American Dream," while the illegals agree to enormous debts to gangster-coyotes paid off with mostly illegal activities performed on behalf of the gangster-coyotes. So essentially, we use them as drug mules to pay for the trip to America. We then play hide and seek, imprison those caught with drug stashes, for which we spend $40k+ a year to house these guys for decades in prison. And the only reason these Mexicans agreed to this farce of a reality was to feed the sick and starving family back home.

However, since the Latin population is growing in rapid numbers within the United States organically, it will probably not be much long under the largest minority starts influencing the laws of the very places in which they are discriminated against under current legislative laws.

I'm half-Mexican so that means I can make fun of my own kind by the rules of International Comic Ethnicity Jokes right?

Today's Sad B-Word:-(

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