Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Gaddafi is Beating the US at It's Own Game

Nuclear peril, Mexican drug wars, high unemployment, & believe it or not, turmoil in the Middle-East. Once again history is playing out principally in the same way as yesteryear, only with different characters in slightly different situations.

As if things around the world aren't bad enough naturally, we Humans always like another problem on top. Enter the world's new Reigning Bad-Man, or Heavyweight Champion of Dictators, Moammar Gadhafi. Yes, Saddam was the previous champ, but as we all know he got his neck stretched out a few years back.

After the successful, mostly peaceful revolutions from Tunisia to Egypt, the starving and oppressed Libyans for some reason thought they had a right to protest and rebel too. And, sure enough they did. And, these events have started what has become the biggest shit-storm in the region since Iraq.

Moammar Gadhafi or as I like to call him, Lil' Mo, is one of those Saddam types that won't walk away quietly from his palace. Why would he? He has $40 billion, hot ass girls from the world over, a live in tiger, & hair-dye that makes the 68-year old, look a distinguished 40.  So, he's going to have to be captured or killed before we get him out of power, and considering he's only 68, his reign could conceivably last 25 years or more!

Everyone in the US and international community was laughing at Lil' Mo after he stated that Al Qaeda, was poisoning his people with hallucinogens in their Nescafe to start a revolt. First, we all know Al Qaeda only has access to opiates, which they sell for arms. Second, no one but Lil' Mo and company can even afford Nescafe. Instant coffee in some places is a luxury not to be unappreciated.

But Lil' Mo's asinine comment took us for fools! He knew we'd all laugh and think he was an idiot for the ridiculous claim. While we were laughing and assuming a dictator that deluded would obviously be beaten, he used our pause to launch crushing air-strikes on the rebel strongholds. He knew the first action the U.N. Security Council would take would be a no-fly zone, as they just have. Therefore, he bought time to use his air force before he would be forced by the U.N. allies to ground them. Now he has switched to using ground-forces to finish off the bombed to hell rebels.

He has restored confidence in his troops, generals, and pro-Lil' Mo supporters. He has promised riches to those that follow him, and death to everyone else. The Libyan people on mass have been forced onto a metaphorical wall trying to figure out whether to support Lil' Mo and take a chance going down with the ship, or supporting the rebels, and being shot to death in a battle for the country. As Mr. Spock would call this situation, the Kobayashi Maru, or for those non-Trekkie's (sorry for you Star Wars nerds), a no win scenario.

If you've seen Obama or Hillary on TV in the last few days you can tell they are pissed as hell. If the world was messed up enough, once again we are forced to deal with the second, third, forth, etc., trip around the block with Lil' Mo.

Will Lil' Mo succeed in hanging onto power? I wouldn't be surprised. He seems to understand the politics of war in the modern era much better than Saddam ever did. And, he doesn't have a Bush that will chase him into the multi-universe on his ass, but a more moderate Obama.

Unless, the US commits to another war like Iraq or Afghanistan, I suspect Moammar Gadhafi will be around for sometime to come.

And that's today's B-Word!

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