Monday, February 28, 2011

Generation Y. Earth's Last Hope for Salvation

The last fifty years of world history has been filled with with more toxins and refuse than Charlie Sheen and Amy Winehouse could ingest in 1000 lifetimes. We've seen the assassinations of great leaders from JFK to MLK to Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin.

We've become more than accustomed to spending beyond our means to the point of believing it is an entitlement. Both Republicans and Democrats have used the basest of arguments and rhetoric to bring out the worst actions and pathos in our society. And, corporate America has raped not only the environment of it's natural beauty but also the very people that work for the corporations, not to mention the unrepresented masses at large around the world.

Yet, in the last month we've seen something that the living on this Earth have never seen before. A revolution that transcends countries. The middle-East is the focus from Tunisia to Egypt, and now Libya. These revolutions come not on the heels of a single visionary leader like Che Guevara or Nelson Mandela, but from the people at large that are living in these countries.

Many are wondering how a revolution can occur without a central figure leading the way. In my opinion it is the power of our modern telecommunications, specifically the internet and mobile devices. People no longer have to congregate in secret meetings in some basement to organize, but need only log on to their computers or send mass text messages to share their thoughts and ideas of actions to be taken to better their lives.

Our generation of Reganites and Clintonians have embraced the technologies we helped create all around the world to make these efforts of social reform and revolution possible.

Changing the regimes of oppressive dictators who rape, pillage, and plunder their own countries resources at the expense of their own countrymen is now firmly underway. Yet, this is only the beginning of change. Our generation must use this opportunity to not only reform the social injustices perpetrated by their respective governments, but understand how these oppressive regimes were created in the first place so that dictators will never again have a strangle hold on their own people.

We as the young generation must understand that gaining incremental wealth at the expense of our comrades and peers is obsolete. We must realize that this Earth is at the tipping point where resources and our future depends on sustainability, not short-term depletion to increase independent wealth.

Even a billionaire will soon see that squeezing another billion out of the economy causing others starvation and the lack of basic human needs can last only so long. Example in point. Hosni Mubarek, supposedly grafted $40-70 billion from Egypt for himself while 40% of the Egyptian people lived day to day in dire poverty. Now even a trillion dollars will be about as useful to him as more hair-dye.

Back when Dwight Eisenhower was president (a Republican), the top tax-bracket was 91%, I shit you not. Today it is a mere 35% and the richest of the rich still complain about high taxes when taxes have never been lower in the last 80 years of American history.

The rich earning $100 million a year should be so privileged to give $91 million of that to the less fortunate people making less than $20K a year who are starving, in need of medication, education, and employment.

I say if you can live the life of a multi-millionaire you should have the decency and humanity to help your fellow countrymen and human beings. To disagree with this point is to advocate greed over the basic unalienable human rights of the rest of the world.

I don't doubt that not everyone even in my own generation will agree with these statements and perhaps unanimity is what leads to hasty and politically based decision making. But to those that would rather see another zero in on their computer monitor when they access their bank account over saving the life of a starving human, look yourself in the mirror and truthfully ask yourself how you came to be such a person with these values. And, will posterity champion your actions, or condemn them?

What you thought I'd go a whole month without blogging?-)

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