Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of the Decade!

Back in 1999 everyone was waiting for the mysterious chaos that the 'Year 2000' would bring. And, expecting nukes to launch by themselves, planes flying into the ground, and everyone else most likely going to spontaneously combust. And, none of that happened.

In 1999, people also thought that December 31, 1999 was the last day of the millennium. They too were wrong.

Let's get something straight. The last day of the last millennium was December 31, 2000. Not 1999! The last day of the next century will be December 31, 2100. And that means that the last day of this decade to come in a few hours is December 31, 2010.

If you really want to know why it's because we starting counting the first year calling it year 1 not year 0. Damn one of you fools just got schooled! Please post a comment saying "I got schooled" and paste it on your Facebook page, become one of my followers and I'll send you a $5 in the mail. Serious.

So let's get to the business truly at hand on this last day of a year that will certainly be remembered.

We had a big oil spill in the gulf, Gary Coleman died, North Korea sunk South Korea's submarine (and Kim Jong Il is currently winning it's boardgame of battleship with the South Korean President).

Gays can now say "I'm gay and want a gun," and the military will let them in. I'm not sure what the public display of affection rules are, but you now they will be a gay kiss in the military heard around the world.

The stock market went up 15% and the unemployment rate is at 9.8%; I really have no idea how that is possible, but no one said life was supposed to make sense.

Google got it's first buyout offer rejection ever (I think?) by Groupon, a little company that from launching only 2 years ago is now worth about $8-10 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg was named Time's 'Man of the Year' and Facebook became the most visited site in the world, sorry Google:-(

It was the 4th hottest summer on record. Snooky became famous by divine intervention, the became  Kardashian's are the most famous non-famous people on Earth. Leslie Neilson died.

Conan became CoCo on TBS pushing Lopez back an hour. Leno only wanted to push Conan back a half hour. Irony since Leno definitely came off as the prick. Love you Conan and Andy.

Afghanistan got bombed lots and lots more. Mexicans in Juarez are fleeing the city in masses as President Felipe Calderon's four year 'war on drugs' has all but destroyed the country making it one of the most dangerous places in the world with over 30,000 dead over this amount of time.

Toy Story 3 rocked! Sarah Palin may be the smartest stupidest person in the world, and now a multi-millionaire. Elizabeth Edwards, probably the best part of John Edwards died of cancer. Republicans swept the November mid-term elections making John Boehner the defacto Speaker of the House. Lindsey Lohan is in rehab again, and there as I write.

There has been so much that I haven't even mentioned as I'm not able to include all the years top events. But, one thing is certain. It was a hard year. We're at war, we're in deep deep debt, we're broke, unemployment is at a crisis rate, and people don't see it changing anytime soon.

Times like these are difficult on the soul, but to truly enjoy the good years, we must be able to appreciate them. And, I fear that the only way to appreciate the good completely is to see hardship unfortunately.

So here are some predictions for 2011 that may or may not cheer you up:

1. We get a least 50% of our troops out of Afghanistan.
2. Jobs start coming back.
3. People start paying retailers using their smartphones (no credit card no mo').
4. The stock market continues to rise after an early year decline.
5. Facebook goes public.
6. Nothing serious like a '9/11' happens and the world spins around again without much activity worth remembering.

So Happy New Year 2011 to all my friends and followers. It has been a privilege to blog for an entire year. I hope I get a lot of "I got schooled" posts so I know that somebody is reading this damn blog!

All the best,


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