Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010 or "Remember the Old People Day"

Old people these days have so little cause for excitement between changing their catheters and Depends. Yet when some day of meaning comes about, the old come out in full scooter, walker, and walking cane force. On Veterans day we see the old Vets that still think they are in Vietnam turn up from the dark confines of their meager dwelling. On Election Day (today for the perpetually drunk, stoned, & twisted), old people come out of the woodwork like an entire metropolis of ants racing out of their ant hill.

Somehow, they remember, and figure out a way to haul their butts to the polls despite not being able to remember the names of their children.

Today at my polling location I walked in at 2 in the afternoon, well after the old person rush hour at 7 in the morning. Yet, despite my casual voting time, I entered the polling station without a younger person than me in the entire place. And I don't mean there were a few 35 year olds and some younger (40ish) working professionals. I'm 27, and for the life of me I couldn't find one person young enough to be my father or mother! The youths of group were in their late fifties with the median age probably around 70. Without the ballot boxes you would think you were in a convalescent home.

Why do old people continue to vote? Their lives are in the final chapter and by voting they are really affecting younger generations much more so than themselves. In my opinion, old people continue to vote because they are simply pissed off and really, and I mean really have nothing else in the world to do.

Old folk for the most part can't open their jaw wide enough to issue an insult, let alone move their rotator cuff to throw a punch. But, they can press a button. And in my mind they press that button to say "fuck all you all" to the world.

I applaud my angry elders for being able to continue to come year after year to the polls. At least they can still do something. This year they're all pissy at the Democrats, and next election they'll be all pissy at the Republicans. It's just the way it is.

On a side note, I caught some pics of signs that were very, very angry. Enjoy. (transcribed below if you can't read them, you old people).

Top: "Help! Our Town is Full of Drugs and Thugs"
Bottom Left: "[Baby Talking while hanging from stroller] Mommy Didn't Feed Me Because She Got Stoned"
Bottom Right: "HUD Supports Drugs. Fire Joyce Sine"

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  1. when i went to vote there were more old people then adults my age but i never thought any thing of it thank you for opening up my eyes i wish more people would get out and vote. especially african americans. I shouldn't be when a black candidate is running.


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