Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lover's Leap (a tragic tale of love)

Today my faithful readers I embarked on a part of Cumberland to which I had never been before. A place high on a mountain top called "lover's leap." It's a little drive up on the mountain above Cumberland and after a closed gate, it's a good 10-15 minute walk up to the top.

They call it lover's leap because of the legend of an Indian Princess and a white boy. The white boy asked for the girl's hand and the Indian father said no, then the father said he'd let the white boy marry his daughter for a hefty sum of gold, because hey every guy has to make a buck. The white boy produced the money and the father took it. And expecting now to marry the daughter the Indian father reneged on his agreement and said no to the wedding. This was kinda like reverse Indian giving.

You can imagine the white boy and family were not too happy about this business. So of course in cowboy style, the white boy killed his lover's father, with a spear, to the heart.

The Princess could not bring herself to live with her whitey lover because of what he has done to her father. But she could not bare to live without his honky ass either. They both decided to jump from this point below to die together as creepy lovers. The view is to die for!

Enjoy the video.

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