Saturday, October 9, 2010

Libraries are Kool!

In today's world, the local county library seems to be almost a mystical place that you have heard your parents talk about, but never seen it or know if it truely exists. In fact, it may not even be bizarre to know that many people that use the library today are mid-older age people with high incomes! They remember using the library before Borders, Barnes & Nobles, &, and are still doing it. 

What I can't figure out is how libraries have somehow made Republican run budgets in state as backwards as Texas. I mean, have you ever seen a Texan stroll up on his horse, walk into the saloon, order a whiskey, and pull out War & Peace? No. It has never happened in the history of the world. Yet, year after year, though while some books may be banned here and there, libraries across the country continue to get money to buy new books and staff the joint.  

You know to this day I still always have an image of a library patrolled by a crotchety old librarian ssshhing everyone that makes the slightest noise. That really isn't the way it is at all today. Sure they say nay to cell phones still & smoking for some reason, but they don't mind talking as long as you're not screaming like a man burning alive.

I still believe libraries should be a place for loud idea sharing and mutual learning? In my ole' alma mater, the library was the hang out spot after a certain time of night because it was open all 24/7. Sure there was a silent floor, and a floor that sounded like a Phish concert, but because of the open atmosphere students were compelled and enjoyed visiting the library. Ideas flowed aloud instead of being stifled by silence.

So about now you're asking how can libraries be Kool, like in the title of the blog if you're not allowed to smoke in one. I feel all you nicotine addicts out there. Well I found out how, with some local dick work.

I went to my local county library this morning to see personally what the score was. I was mostly impressed. They actually had Blu-ray movies (I got Casablanca), DVD's galore, Wii & PS2 games! Their selection rivaled Blockbuster. Sorry Blockbuster, how we all used to love you so much, (small tear).

The book I was looking for On the Road, by Jack Carawack was of course not in stock. But a library has many a good books, and I got The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain instead.

My advice to all those out there that want to read and watch movies for free in this turbulent economic time is to take what they give you for free. Having premium (new) stuff is nice. But, it was Kool to see stamps on the book going back to '93. I thought for a moment how many people had enjoyed the very book in my hand over the last 17 years. Can you imagine all the things that book has seen? Or all the places it's been? Naughty places I'm sure. Oh how I had your life story book. See, I told you libraries were Kool!

For you children out there, everything you can learn in college is free in some library, unfortunately most people do not realize this fact unless they go to college. So you're welcome, I just saved you $125,000.

Again, breaking news! Libraries still exist! When did you last visit yours?

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