Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok so I had a quasi? epiphany the other day. I was thinking about new businesses I could start. I thought God, would it be great to start another software company (which is actually in the works), but I also thought, why not try and take maketshare from tried and true services by embracing technology, higher levels of service, and a little style.

Naturally, a Cab Company came to mind. Think about it, cabs have been around just about as long as there have been cars, practically a hundred years! But they happen to be one of the many thousands of small businesses around the country that have not embraced technology, therefore leaving a space in the market for a more sophisticated company to beat them at an old game.

I was planning on using my '08 Mustang as the taxi and deck it out Pimp My Ride style. Offer clients the ability to pay with their credit cards in the taxi using mobile technology (see squareup.com) and even offer payment via PayPal. To boot, we'd have a 10-1 phone charger to allow customers to charge their phone while en route to their destination. Not to mention, you'd be riding in style, not like the beat up taxi as seen in The Royal Tennebaum's.

Bad idea to use a coupe you say. Yeah that seems to be most people's main criticism of the idea. But remember, with 20 cabs in Cumberland, there is more than enough space for one cab to fill the need of one person traveling around. Or, people willing to pop the seat up instead of waiting for a four-door cab.

The main point of this blog is not to brag about a ridiculous taxi cab venture, but to remind you that the power of updating outdated businesses is great. Think about how Netflix killed Blockbuster, How Wal-Mart killed K-Mart, and Best Buy bested Circuit City. If you embrace new ideas to running your business that meet or exceed the customers expectations you are a business that grows with the times. If you don't, then you'll be about as boring as Jay Leno and like Jay will continue to lose viewership/patrons, until his time is ended.

P.S. Cabby's rule and they all carry guns.

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