Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caught between a girl and a girlfriend

Love triangles come in all sorts with complications only a legally insane person would invent. Sometimes the girl can't choose between the rich prince charming and the romantic pauper. Usually in Mexico when two guys are going after the same girl, they duel with either foils or pistols.

However in my situation I have the unfortunate luxury of being caught in between a web of female madness I never intend to even try and understand, just deal with.

On the one hand I have a very charming and happy relationship with my current girlfriend that will remain anonymous because she'd never admit to going out with me anyway. Let's call her Allysan.

One the other hand I have a beautiful and energizing friendship with my neighbor across the street. Let's call her Demetria.

How does a man show his friend that they are still close in front of a girlfriend that you are suppose to reserve certain feelings for her only? It doesn't really work. Unless you have two straight guys and a lesbian. Then no one wants anyone else's stuff due to their predisposition.

Well you can imagine how I feel. If I'm a good friend, my relationship with my girlfriend suffers. If I'm a better boyfriend, my friendship suffers. In the end, trying to find a balance is the only way to make both of these relationships exist, or one will inevitably push the other one out of my life.

Finding a balance is anything but easy, it involves pushing back friends to a certain point so they aren't engulfing your entire life. That is hard. Especially because I like hanging out with my friend and would spend hours endlessly just talking. Yet I have to hurt her a little to make sure I don't hurt my girlfriend a lot.

The same is true with my girlfriend. Bryan needs his playtime with friends, so I have to let the lady know I'll be gone without making her feel abandoned.

Do you have a headache yet from reading this? I prefer Excedrin or fake me out Excedrin.

One thing I am certain of from this little experience is that most all women are crazy. At least the ones that seem to gravitate towards me. Men I think we can all agree on this one. Women, please understand that you can only be crazy if you don't believe you are. So if you deny being crazy it's very possible if not certain that you are a loon.

Being crazy is no reason to fret. Like I said, I try not to understand women, but just roll with the punches of daily insanity tossed my way.

The hardest part of the whole situation is that I genuinely want to make both people as happy as possible, but that does not seem to be an option on the answer sheet. They are both good people. Different certainly, each bringing out wonderful qualities in me that need to be expressed. Yet, because of the gentle balance of our monogamous society, it makes it damn near impossible to have the best experience with my friend and my girlfriend when I am with them individually.

So in the end, all three of us lose. I can't have both my friend and girlfriend, or at least not the way I want.

I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker about now and am also tired. Go back to Facebook.

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