Thursday, September 30, 2010

Money, Blogging, & Craziness!

It's no joke that money is hard to come by these days, even for your humble rant man (that's me). But believe it or not, my experiment to blog from the beginning of the year has actually proved to be a rewarding experience in many ways. Let's talk about them...

Money! Since I've started blogging my readership had actually started going up. I can't believe that people are the slightest bit interested in reading what my deranged ming spits out, but it seems if you are reading this right now you are part of the problem. So please continue to read and make me some money if you choosed by visiting my beloved sponsors (I'm not saying click on the ads Google)! They get really pissed if you try and encourage people to do what I said I wouldn't say above. Ok, sure I'm not making millions yet, or thousands, or hundreds. Ok, the money is barely anything, but I have noticed a gradual rise in the pageviews and readership that is significant. Though I have yet to make any real money from ads, it's starting to pickup. If you have a content page let me know as I'll trade links with you and maybe we can all increase our readership together.

Money however was not the initial goal. When I started this blog in January, my goal was really to get my thoughts out there and see if anyone was amused by the slightly deranged mind of Bryan Antler. I vowed to blog at least one full year. I've been true to my goal of keeping up posting on a weekly basis. And, to my delight there are some crazies out there that find what I have to say worth reading. Many thanks.

Your readership really is vindicating because in the early part of the year I really did feel like I was talking to myself most of the time. Umm, typing to myself I guess is a little more accurate.

We've all heard of the very successful people that have hundreds of thousands or millions of blog/website followers. These people basically do what I am doing now, except since there are lots and lots of more eyes looking at the ads, they actually support themselves by spending a few hours on the computer a day? week?

Sure that day for me may be well into the future if ever. But I promise the content will get even more insanely tosh.0 & Bill Maher like should I ever have the money to start producing a show. Yeah, if you think my words are scary enough, imagine me on the tube. In fact, if I was reading this I'd have serious thoughts about doing whatever it takes to stop me before I infect the rest of the world with ideas that can make heads combust spontaneously.

Please send all death threats to Until I am murdered by someone that realizes the clear and present danger my style of comedy poses to the free world, I'll be here continuing to blog about...

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