Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell...just grab ass

Allowing gays in the military has been an issue this year that has dominated much media attention. Unlike a tax cut which shows itself in the mail, or a new law that requires you to use a hands-free device while talking on the phone and driving, this issue is, in my opinion, purely another way to polarize the electorate.

Polarization, aka getting people to hate each other more and more for no real reason other than misdirected ideology; this is the life blood of those in power. How do you stay in power? By making the electorate angry over issues that have no real importance in the lives of 98% of Americans and thereby creating a stalemate during every election cycle. "Divide and conquer" has turned into "divide and bicker." Just this week Senate Republicans blocked the path to allow gays to serve in the military openly.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, essentially the top man in uniform reporting only to the Secretary of Defense and the President has voiced his disdain for this archaic and misguided policy. How then, can the legislators who voted to block the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell," say they "support the troops" when the top man in the service has voiced it is in the best interest of the American military to repeal this policy?

Sadly, because supporting the military is just another political posturing ploy the politicians use when it suits them, not when it is right or wrong.

You may have heard of the S.O.B.'s in my opinion that camp out by the funerals of dead gay soldiers to protest them being gay. My favorite quote I've heard from these pro-life, anti-fag, Bible carriers is "I don't hate[enter dead gay soldier name here], but God does."

Wonderful, if you believe Billy Gay Yank or Johnny Fag Reb are going to Hell for being gay, then why the protest? God is going to take care of them no?

All these people are doing is pushing grieving parents, family, and friends, to the point of reacting with force. I know that if I had a dead gay son or daughter come home from Iraq or Afghanistan and there were people ignorant enough to protest my child's sexual orientation at my child's funeral, I'd be liable to shoot these people due to most likely genuine temporary insanity. Maybe that's what needs to happen? And, I dare any jury to convict a mother for protecting her baby at her baby's funeral.

Those that know me, know I believe violence is the basest form of human action. Words hurt infinitely more than bullets, and if your intention is to hurt someone, all you need is a pen and paper.

When I donate money to the USO, which I do on a regular basis, there is no box to check to send money only to "straight troops" and if there was, I wouldn't even give their monthly mailers an open before they hit the trash.

This is a non-issue for more and more Americans today. Before schools were integrated, the idea that Blacks and Whites could learn in the same place together was sacrilegious and so is this issue of gays in the military.

One day, years from now our children and our children's children will not even flinch when seeing gays marry, or serve and die for our country. Those that protest the inequities of the day are doomed to be judged by their posterity, and harshly judged they will be. However, the current order of the day is to plan only for the present and wave the finger at the future.

Almost 150 have now passed since slavery was abolished and American society still finds ways to suppress the rights of the minorities and those that do not have the means to be heard. This is the true tragedy of our country.

I pray my generation will not follow in the footsteps of the current generation, and I hope all of you reading will take a second thought of the benefits and consequences of treating Human beings differently because of a generic label.

To all those gay servicemen and women I salute you. Please, for my own sanity, beat the shit out of one of these homophobic evangelists, then grab their ass in a sarcastic exhibition of the worst that you can do to someone else for being gay.

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