Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Day as a Gangsta

For most of those who know me, my general attire is that of a nice polo shirt and maybe some jeans or a pair of khakis. On Friday I went into Walmart and was dresses like a white "gansta." I say "gansta" because today's youth miscreants can hardly be called "gangsters."

Originally, I had no intention of looking like some near-do-well, but I hadn't done the laundry in about a week and my clothing options when I had to go out were limited. The result, have to wear baggy shorts, a white oversize shirt. Once the idea of looking like a gansta for a day, I additionally sported the white sneekers, a Fifty-Nine 59 Orioles Hat, with hologram still attached, and my new bling bling watch my Pa me got for my birthday (thanks again Dad).

In I stroll to Walmart and the sociological experiment has begun. The first thing that struck me and odd, was that as people, and I mean, all people didn't look me in the eye. Usually people smile when they you see them, but old and young people all looked away as I walked by them. I felt as if I was the Alpha-Dog and my subservient fellow citizens where scared to look me in the eye just how a weaker dog doesn't look a dog he is afraid of in the eye.

I also received slight looks of dissaproval from some Walmart employees. I supposed since they work there, they feel more secure in their own environment and don't mind making a sour face now and again.

What else was my most enjoyable part of the trip was that everyone, I mean everyone got out of my! People that I'd normally have to say excuse me, could almost sense me from their peripheral vision and hopped to the side of the aisle before my cart would be obstructed.  People carting right towards me ran to the side of the road, and let me pass like a police officer.

Conclusions: Americans have become so scared of any confrontation, themselves, they will do everything to avoid any little scuffle. Have we really become that weak? If a wanna be look-a-like gansta can strike fear into the hearts of Walmart patrons, we as Americans are in trouble.

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