Monday, July 5, 2010

Jay Leno Hits Lowest Ratings Since '92

Ah, some of you will remember my blog a few months ago during the Leno v. Conan v. NBC debacle. I came out strongly against Jay Leno for a few reasons worth repeating. The biggest one is that he isn't funny. The show is more of a "Nighty Night Show" for when you want to be bored to sleep. The show is the same every night, jokes delivered the same way, the ridiculous flag pin on his lapel. I am as American as anyone and I don't need a cheesy $2 flag pin to prove it. I served my country in 'Nam man. Ok, that's not true, but you get the idea.

More Leno bashing. Let's just call him the "chin." When he finally leaves the Tonight Show by retirement or worldly departure that's all people will remember about him. He was a mediocre comic whose chin was more hilarious than his comedy.

So now that Leno has been back on the air for six months, his ratings have plummeted almost as much as BP stock. He is back at the shoddy 1992 ratings when he took over the show for Johnny Carson after the Leno v. Letterman v. NBC debacle of the early nineties, ah good times.

So what should NBC do now? Conan's ratings were higher before NBC gave him the boot. There is really only one option in my opinion: cancel the tonight show. This show has been on before I was conceived. It has catered to a specific audience for decades and the type of show it has become is as enjoyable as having a root canal, a heart attack, and contracting the H1N1 virus all in one day.

Well if they cancel the Tonight Show whatever will NBC do? Maybe something original, like 3-D animation or showing terrorists getting their daily water-boarding at Gitmo. At least put on some Japanese game shows, I love watching people lining up to get hit in the nuts.

This story has yet to play out I suspect and word of a Leno shakeup might really happen if he continues to stink up the set as he has for the past 10+ years.

Chin, eat me.

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