Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Been Reading the Bible - Try It

Many Americans and people throughout the world have become disillusioned by the sex scandals of the Catholic Church in recent times. That is why I do not subscribe to organized religion. Whether you believe in God or not, organized religion is not necessary to pray at your beside or hold a small service in someone's home.

While the Jews have been persecuted for the last 5,000 years, it did not stop them from prayer or their belief in God, even though they had no temple to congregate in. The same is true today.

How does this sync up with reading the Bible? Well if you believe in God, but not religion, reading the Bible is the only way to educate yourself on the true verse that Christians take as the word of God. I look at it as a history book, full of stories about people that you have heard of, but perhaps are not sure exactly what their story is.

Moreover, if you don't believe in God, familiarizing yourself with the Bible is the best way to confirm or dis-confirm your thoughts. In addition, when a religious conversation breaks out, you will be able to speak in an educated fashion to those that have read the Bible.

Considering the Bible is the most published work in history, you really have no excuse not to read it if only for the history and knowledge it possesses. As a person who is reading the Bible for exactly these reasons, I can tell you it's worth it, like reading the Constitution of the United States. Whether you agree with the Constitution or not (i.e. blacks being considered three-fifths of a person), everyone should know their most sacred rights in this country.

And that is today's word.

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