Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Gets a Spanking

In times of economic and political instability, such as now, governments around the country are doing everything they can to divert attention from the real problems they face.

There is no better example that the recent Los Angeles City boycott of Arizona. No, this boycott doesn't involve not riding buses or patronizing certain shops as was the case during the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. This boycott, sticks a double pronged dagger into the heart of Arizona's economy and government.

First, the tens of millions, possible hundreds of millions of dollars that the City of L.A. spends on contracts with Arizona companies are being cancelled, not renewed, or not even considered for future business. These economic boycotts of Arizona companies strikes to the heart of Arizona's pocketbook. Jobs in Arizona will be lost and citizens of the state will be back in the unemployment line. Though Arizona sports a lower unemployment rate than the US, it still stands at 9.4%.

The second blow is the political pressure on the very people (Gov. Jan Brewer and company) that enacted the Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070, such a nice confusing euphemism for "beat down the brown people and ship them out."

The L.A. boycott is likely to spring more boycotts from other cities that also do multi-million dollar business with Arizona.

And as we all know, white conservatives love beating down the Mexican immigrants until it effects their bottom line. I wouldn't be surprised if this boycott catches on to cities say like San Francisco, San Diego, and many others around the country.

This will prompt business leaders in Arizona, that are going to lose millions from boycotts, to start expressing concern over the new law, not because they care about brown people, but because they need to maintain their companies' EPS or they, the CEO's of Arizona's companies, face the chopping block themselves.

Whether it is the courts or mass boycotts that bring down this law, there is a great lesson here. When you take away Constitutional rights of any group, there are unpredictable consequences that will likely bite you in the ass. When Arizona's constituents see the economic consequences directly hitting their pocketbook, they may think twice about electing state officials that are responsible for this civil rights fiasco.

For now we can just sit back and watch as this law becomes more and more unpopular. Oh yeah, let the jokes continue at Arizona's expense. And, let's hope that the decent Arizona citizens that go to the polls on November 8th of this year toss these racist bobble-heads out of office.

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