Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funniest New TV Show of the Year

This year television has seen comedy shows flop and drop dead like polar bears (so sad, really). The Jay Leno Show, 'Til Death, The Jeff Dunham Show, Secret Girlfriend,
are just a few examples of the cancelled comedic (supposedly) bunch.

Despite all the cancellations, the best new comedy show in my opinion is the low budget Ricky Gervais Show, on HBO. The show is nothing more than an animated bunch of ridiculous scenes based on simple asinine conversations between three Brits.

The show revolves not around Ricky so much as the constantly mocked "round headed buffoon" as Ricky Gervais puts it, Karl Pilkington. I bet you can guess which one of the three above he is.

These completely pulp fiction conversations are pure lunacy, yet intelligent at the same time. You never know what someone will say next and Steven Merchant, the third member of this motley crew, usually adds wit and smart deprecating thoughts when you least expect it.

The great part of this show is in its simplicity. Three idiots speaking idiot thoughts. No audience, big sets, or expensive stunts. Ricky Gervais and his two amigos do it the old fashion way. Making people laugh with the British spice that made Monty Python so successful. This show proves that smart people having a fun time can still make us laugh as hard as ever with good old fashion comedy...words.

The show has already been picked up by HBO for a second season. And, I predict there will be many more to come. For all of those that haven't seen it, give it a try. It's on HBO Friday's at 9pm or On-Demand. Once you watch your first 26 minute episode you'll be hooked. Unless of course you have absolutely no sense or like of humor whatsoever.

Kudos Mr. Gervais. And thanks for making me laugh so much my abs are getting into shape!

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