Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Moving to Costa Rica?!?!

My greatest nightmare is unfolding under the layers of Rush's jelly-rolls. If you haven't heard, Rush Limbaugh recently made a "Howard Hughes" like statement when he said if Healthcare Reform passes he will leave the U.S. of A. permanently.

Liberals around the world are thinking that a miracle may soon be bestowed upon them; Healthcare and no more Rush!

Unfortunately for me, Rush Limbaugh just happened to pick the my favorite country in all the world he would move to...Costa Rica! While Rush and I we may disagree to the gils, he certainly has my tip of the hat on choosing such a wonderful place. It truly is one of the best sustainable country models in all the world.

So now, being independent and taking issue by issue, I have to choose Healthcare or a sullied Costa Rica. At this point in my life I think it's worth to let Healthcare slide to the side. It'd be good for Obama, Rush would stay put, and most importantly, my precious Costa Rica would not be tainted.

Yup, you heard it from me, I believe it is more important to defeat Healthcare, than let Rush Limbaugh move to Costa Rica. Think of the poor Costa Rican children that would grow up under such a menacing radio figure. And, since everyone seems to hate or love Healthcare so much, we could say screw that debate and more on to another debate for a year or more ending in inaction as well.

Good luck Republicans, you smashed Hillary back in 1993 for her Healthcare Reform initiatives, now it's time to keep the pressure on Obama until this whole issue goes away.

This is in my opinion the best solution for the American people and definitely the Costa Ricans.

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