Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marijuana to be legalized?!?!

The sky is falling! Those damn Californians. I was born in Venice Beach, CA so I'm a self-loathing Californian at this point.

Californian hippies, nudists, and pot smokers have gone too far this time. They have gotten legalizing marijuana for adults on the November election ballot! How could this happen when it is a known fact that stoners can not fill out the required paperwork to get this type of referendum on the ballot?

Ok, first things first. If you are going to have a "War on [illegal] Drugs" you have to have [illegal] drugs to make war on. So if reefer is legalized for any recreational purpose those hemp hooligans want, grass will cease to be in on this war. Personally, I find it rather unbecoming of any state to condone the use of bud to allow people to relax from a day that is the hell of life. All without a hangover or bar fight. Where is the fun in that? None.

What about all the gangsters that are going to fall subject to the economic recession? They rely on Panama Red being illegal to support their families. Now, legalized hash will result in the free market working to provide goods and services in a regulated and fair way! Oh, I suppose the $20 billion California annual deficit might even go down when they tax it like everything in the world. This insanity will allow the state to hire more workers and save more state jobs like TEACHERS.

I say NO! Ending prohibition to create jobs, put gangsters out of work, and make people happy in general is the type of world I for one refuse to live in.

Look at Mexico for instance. Since 2006 Felipe Calderon, El Presidente de Mexico has made it his number one priority to break the backs forever of the drug cartels, using Mexican Federal Troops. It's working! Only 20,000 people have died while the prices of dope that still makes it to the US just goes up due to the basic economics of supply and demand.

Mexico is the epitome of how Prohibition works and makes citizens safer, usually while lying on the floor as the bullets whiz by.

So damn you California if you start smoking the sweet sweet ganja all legally. They should be throwing those damn stoners into an overcrowded California prison, for which they will be raped daily for the rest of their lives. We do it in just about every other state for having a pound or so of Mary Jane.

I hope the vote in November will be a nay. In the case these bums actually make it to the polls to vote yes for "legal" & "recreational" cannibis I am leaving this country immediately and forever and going to the Republic of California for which I hear weed is now legal.

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