Friday, March 19, 2010

Cumberland, MD is not so cumbersome!

You may or may not know of the small Western Maryland town of Cumberland. If you have perhaps it is because to the Lynndie England, a Cumberland, MD local, was centeral in the story accompanied by the unforgettable pictures of her and fellow MD National Guard soliders abusing Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Well as I just purchased a house in Cumberland, built in 1912, but completely renovated! Only being in the town for a few weeks I can already see the small town charm; population <20,000. Here they celebrate every holiday to the extreme, from St. Patrick day bar crawls (called the "Hooley Pub Crawl").

The majestic spires of Churches, schools, and original houses separates this town from the sprawl of suburbia seen in much of Maryland in the DC metro area.

For those people that can't tell their house apart from the exact same model across the street should consider that living in a small town still has lots of benefits. You don't need a car, unless you want to be wheeling around great distances. A bike or walking (what a novel concept) will almost always suffice.

Neighbours here introduce themselves and talk to each other. We all seem to be content with the style of a slower lifestyle where people are not in the rat-race of Capitalism; they are enjoying their lives.

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