Friday, February 26, 2010

Jay Leno Needs to Go

This is more of a soapbox post, but I think you'll enjoy it whether you like or dislike Mr. Leno.

So, on March 1st, Jay is back with The Tonight Show on NBC. I remember watching the show five plus years ago when he first announced that he was going to be ending his Tonight Show tenure in five years, and was handing down the show to Conan.

For five horrible years, I had only Stephen Colbert to fill the 11:30 spot (he's probably the best of all the late night shows, but that's another story). For years and years I watched the clock turn slowly, waiting for Conan. It was as exciting as waiting for January 21, 2009 when Bush Jr. got finally kicked out.

Then just as Bush was gone we were still waiting for Jay to go the way of the Dodo as well. However, before Conan took to The Tonight Show a curious thing happened, NBC announced that Jay Leno was getting his own show from 10pm to 11pm every week night!

When I heard this I knew the show would be awful, which it was, and would be cancelled, which it was. I even felt sorry for NBC that Jay was the best they had for prime-time every week night!

Then one glorious day it finally happened, Conan was at last the host of The Tonight Show. Things seemed to be on the up and up. America felt that we once again had a comedian hosting The Tonight Show instead of a fat, short, big-chinned, squirmy voiced clown that is about as funny as getting branded with a red hot poker. But never in my wildest dreams did I envision what would happen next.

We hear that Jay (after his show was axed) wants The Tonight Show, or a shortened version at The Tonight Show time 11:35pm. Conan basically had to choose between starting a half-hour later at 12:05am or he'd get the ax or have to step down. He left and we all heard about his $40 some odd million dollar settlement.

Did the NBC executives screw this up or did they? I find it so difficult to believe that Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, parent company of NBC, could simply sit on the sidelines on this one and let NBC look about as smart as a fifth grader. I'd like to see those NBC execs on that also terrible Jeff Foxworthy show, which has somehow been running for years as opposed to Jay's few months.

So I'm more than just talk, I'm boycotting The Tonight Show until Leno is gone. And God help me I will not stop this boycott until justice is served!

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