Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friends All Around Are Getting Married

What is the right age to get married? Perhaps based on the slant of the Doctor, he'd tell you early so they can reproduce at a healthy age. Others would say never! Emphatically as if there were an exclamation point after the never.

Regardless of what you, me, or Dr. Ruth have to say about the right age to get married, it's happening. That's right, friends I've known for decades (scary thought as I'm only 26) are tying the knot. I think marriage is a fine social invention. And those that want to engage it should be happy and blessed for doing so.

But what about the loner in the room. The male Sarah Jessica Parker, like me, but with better hair. How does mixing with old friends and their spouses make the single person feel? I suppose a bit awkward. Married people take great pride in saying, "my husband" or "my wife," reminding everyone in the room of one's marital status.

What does one do once all his friends are married and the last thread connecting your present to your childhood is finally dissolved? It makes me think of the great memories of the past in the sense that they are no more real than an non-existent stack of hundred dollar bills only I could see and do nothing with. It's a nice thought to think of childhood memories, but that's all they are and serve no help in the present.

So with my memories of when I was writing topical papers for grades instead of blogs slipping away. I start to think that marriage is really another reminder that life goes on, and we must keep ourselves moving forward despite the adversity we face.

Congrats to all the newly wed's and those soon to be!

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