Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fratacular - update

To those that have expressed interest already in being part of the web show fratacular, here are some more details as we get ready for the BIG day, August 1st when we start filming.

This will be a production that is done right, with all the proper equipment, scripts, wardrobe, makeup, the works.

Crew Needed!

Aside from the casting call for actors (details for actors in next section) I'm still looking for crew that can work in Charlottesville, VA for at least 5 months from August through the end of December.

All positions will be PAID.

Assistant Director, Writers, and Web Tech will be chosen in early June!

Crew Jobs:

Assistant Director: Someone that can make quality usable scenes on or off location and with a second team. Also to help with all production logistics.
Sound Mixer: handling booms, wireless mics, mixing boards, voice over, cleanups
Camera Peeps: We will have 3 3CCD cameras (yeah the 5K a piece type). Enjoy
Writers: Jokes are what make the show funny. If you think you're funny, show me some stuff and we'll talk.
Editor: A job that will definitely be experience required. Final Cut on an Apple skills necessary.
Property Master/Costumer Designer: If you are good at finding things and can make/sew this might be for you.
Web Tech: This is a high tech job, market salary, you will make into a cool, full functioning custom website that can stream our webisodes, make a transaction store for fratacular merchandise, blog, commercial integration, etc. based on my specifications. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are required, Dreamweaver (a plus), AJAX (a plus).

Actors, we'll be having a casting call in July, the auditions will be held in Charlottesville, VA. Location and place TBA.

We will be looking for approximately 15 actors in total. ALL PAID. More specifically, there will be a group of 5 or 6 principal characters, and the rest of the cast will be supporting roles.

If you are interesting in any position please let me know ASAP, as requests are already coming in.

More to come,


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