Thursday, February 4, 2010

Americans Lost & Depressed

As I've been at 65 East Avenue in Hagerstown, Maryland for the last 8 months the house across the street (66 & 68 East Avenue, it's a duplex) has been vacant. The owner spent this summer renovating the house inside and out, spending a fortune on supplies & contractors, hoping to sell the fixed up dwelling a.s.a.p.

8 months later, the house is still vacant. The owner has had countless people over to look at the property, but it remains unsold. 2 months ago, the owner decided he could not sell the property and tried to rent out the duplex. Both sides of the duplex are still vacant and they show no signs of being occupied anytime soon.

Maybe the owner is a millionaire and this is a pet project of his. However, I can most assuredly say that he is hurting just like the rest of America. Take one look at this picture of him in front of his property as prospective tenants view the inside of the house. You can see defeat in his posture as if he knows his attempt is just another exercise in futility.

When will these times change? How many other people were doing the exact same thing as this man across the street this morning all over our 'great' nation? Far too many.

Hagerstown is a microcosm of rural / small-town America where 95% of the people are basically broke working paycheck to paycheck.

It's a sad sight to see on a daily basis. The hardest part is having to live with these people in pain and not knowing how to help them. It sort of feels like being the town doctor never having sowed once stitch and having people with injuries all around. Where do you start?

Americans for the first time since Vietnam seem to be angry as hell with everything. It feels as if we are moving towards a tipping point or at least a high water mark of rage and backlash.

Once people have nothing left, they have nothing to lose. When you have nothing to lose, you are freed to do whatever you want as there are no consequences possible other than death, which you are currently facing. And society begins to break down as "civil blood makes civil hands unclean."

When will Americans's depression & dissolution end? A business cycle is 7 years. We've been in it for 2.


  1. interesting post. It seems to point more about the market and recession we just coming out of. questions it hits my head is, are people trying save more? or not yet comfortable to make big investment still.

  2. I believe that we may have had our last hurrah in terms of American economic dominance, and we will have to adjust our entire economy to fit better into the rapidly growing, and soon to be bigger, global economy.


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